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You can now get lingerie from participants of VHTV, which will be worn for you for selected amount of days. As soon as you make an order, the participant of your choice will put the lingerie on them and wear it for the amount of days you want, and we will ship it to you afterwards. Fast, descreet, and secure.

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We guarantee quality of the products being worn, as well as due dates of the delivery to your address.

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Choose amount of the days you'd like the lingerie to be worn before shipment.
Choose participant you'd like to wear the lingerie.
Lingerie colors and types are coming soon.

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Here are the most common questions so far. If you have any, just ask us via Support form!

How does it work?

After placing an order we forward the information to the participant you ordered lingerie from. The participant of your choice puts on the lingerie and wears it during the period you've selected on product page (1-3 Days). After ligerie is worn for the selected period, it will be packed and shipped to you anonymously.

How discreet is the shipping?

You will get a package with non-transparent materials and no direct clue that there is lingerie in it. Don't worry, we got you covered and feel secure ordering it from us

I can't find the participant I'd like to get lingerie from

You can choose those participants who agreed to sell their lingerie. This means you may or may not find those who you really like to see in the list of lingerie owners. You can always give us your feedback on who would you like to buy worn lingerie from via Support form and don't forget to follow @VHTVStore in Twitter to learn about new additions.

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We provide support 24/7. Just ask us any question on purchase process or get info on the order you placed.

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